Joseph Whiteside(non-registered)
Love your work! I just purchased the one piece replacement hood for my Nikon 400mm F2.8D and it is AWESOME! Thank you! Takes a major design flaw from Nikon and points them to the way their hoods should be made for these mega lenses!
Robert Daniels(non-registered)
Awesome Photos. saw your entry on Nikon Rumors and the innovative approach to designing a new lens hood. Done Well indeed!
Clay Rembert(non-registered)
I saw some of your phenomenal work during last night's PVCC competition results. Karl, you are producing great stuff!!!
Margaret Rogers(non-registered)
Your photography is a gift I will always treasure..
Katherine Lee Finch(non-registered)
Your work is not only technically "spot on" but your portray each subject at hand in an elegant manner!
Found your site by looking for information on a Vivatar 3900 flash for a Pentax MX.
I have just began my journey in to photography and have really been inspired from your photos.
gerry schnaible (RetCombatVet on PC)(non-registered)
Followed a link from Photo Camel and viewed your workk, very nice photographs. You seem to be able to handle many types of subjects with the same detail to subject and quality.
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